Certified Digital Marketing Manager-English

Institut: XDi - Experience Design Institut
Bereich: Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, Sprachen, Medien


In this Guided E-Learning training course, you will be familiarized with all the essential methodologies of digital marketing with the support of a personal mentor. You will learn how to skillfully play the keyboard of digital marketing and understand what digital transformation means for innovative, modern marketing. After completing the course, you will know the essential methods, techniques and tools for designing, planning and successfully implementing marketing strategies. You will become familiar with the entire spectrum of digital marketing methods and processes in theory and practice. You will experience didactically prepared content and interesting (relevant) practical work in a realistic virtual project. In live training sessions, you will learn how to use relevant tools in interactive settings with other participants. In moderated live sessions, you can ask questions and exchange ideas with others in our community. You will complete this online course with an internationally recognized certificate.
Carola Klein
Hansaring 88
- Job seekers who are looking for further training that is supported by a Bildungsgutschein (Education Voucher) from the Arbeitsagentur (Employment Agency). - Job seekers who want to increase their chances on the job market or qualify for a new profession. - Career changers who want to reorient themselves, improve their job prospects or advance their career. - Career starters who have completed their schooling or vocational training, want to position themselves to succeed in the future and start their professional life, or want to pursue a course of study. - People who work or want to work in companies, consulting services and agencies on the strategy, conception and development of products, services and business models. - People who are or want to be in the field of product and project management, (IT) project lead & coordination, web development and software engineering, user experience and innovation design, management and organizational development as well as human resources, marketing & sales. - People who want to specialize in digital marketing management and acquire solid practical knowledge.
Certified Digital Marketing Manager
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